Pokémon Surprise Kit

Pokémon Surprise Kit

PriceFrom $5.00

Surprise kit contains a random sort of products for a cheaper price than if you'd buy each product individually - the catch is, you can't choose them!

Each tier contain different kinds/quantities of products. You can get rare items that are worth more such as shiny pokémon holographic button or sticker, or items not available for purchase such as hidden Dittos or female version of the pokémon (when available) - you can get these with no maximum amount per kit and no matter the tier, this is your own luck! You can, however, choose to get one certain rare item for a fee, but you can't choose which item it will be either.


Tiers are:

Pokémon Green pack - 2 button pins, 3 stickers. ($15 minimum total value)

Pokémon Silver pack - 2 button pins, 3 stickers, 1 keychain. ($20 minimum total value)

Pokémon Gold pack - 3 button pins, 5 stickers, 2 keychains. ($34 minimum total value)


Stickers available: See old batch of stickers list

Button pins available: See pokémon button pins list

Keychains available: See pokémon keychains list